About us

About Us

UrbanLegend is all about garments that can make everyday cycling more comfortable, more safe, or just simply more fun. Our garments incorporate high quality waterproof, wind stopper, breathable fabrics, reflective surfaces, ventilation panels, thoughtfully placed pockets, and lengthened waists. Every piece is designed with special care and attention to amiable details to meet your cycling needs.
Our passion for finding better and better solutions drives the on-going development of each and every product. We are inspired by everyday situations and our constantly challenging urban environment as we strive to fuse form and function. UrbanLegend produces durable pieces for you to wear proudly on and off the bicycle.

Designed and produced exclusively in Budapest, Hungary.


The Team



A passionate cyclist and fashion designer, Zsofi has been dreaming about a brand for functional street wear for years until she co-founded the company UrbanLegend in 2011. She designs every garment from the first sketches to the colour of the threads. She is obsessed with details and hard work.
As a former bicycle tour guide, she knows the legends and stories of her beloved city Budapest and strives to share them with the world via QR codes linked to urban legends.



As a keen enthousiast of style, fashion and urban cycling, Fruzsi is responsible for the brand’s communication and mangement tasks. She thinks that urban cycling is a key factor in creating leavable cities and that Urban Legend, their family business is a considerable player by manufacturing high quality durable clothes for urban cyclists. Fruzsi is a dedicated contemporary dance fan and is currently studying at Semmelweiss University in Budapest. Zsofi and Fruzsi make a great team.




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