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Legend has it that at the time of the construction of Erzsébet bridge, the Inner-City Parish-Church (Belvárosi Plébániatemplom) was in the way, and so it had to be moved a little. While intriguing, the story is not true.

The church was endangered a few times though. During the construction of the Erzsébet bridge, there was talk of demolishing the curch, an act eventually blocked by the locals. The church was declared a monument in 1910, ruling out it’s demolishing, and leaving moving it as the only option. This option was revisited and eventually discarded in 1930.
The most well-known tale about the curch dates from a later era - the communist times. This latter version is a metaphor of “progressive” communists whishing to demolish all symbols of the “old world” that stood in their way - with the brigde representing progress and the curch symbolizing old values.  Though the church itself never had to be moved, the main altar did. During an expansion of the church, the 720 kg altar had to be moved via tracks and  manual labor.



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