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On the top of the hill now called Normafa was an old oak tree which supposedly sprouted at the time of King Matthias’ birth.

It has been struck by lightning many times. It was a favorite spot of many writers, poets, artists. Rozálisa Schódel-Klein, a hungarian singer known throughout Europe, sang the famous aria from Bellini’s Norma at this tree in 1840. From then on, the tree once known as the “Storm-oak” was dubbed as the “Norma tree”. The dry-rotten giant tree fell down on June 19., 1927. Later on, a sign signalled the place of the once magnificent tree. Th city council planted a new tree in memory of the old one in 1962. The trunk of the dead tree was placed in the artesian well on Margaret Island so its limestone cover would conserve it forever. People forgot about the tree over time, but the thick layer of limestone bound it to the side of the well, and it can still be seen today.


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